• The breed listings of our adoptable dogs are for the most part just educated, best guesses. We usually have no idea on the parents of our dogs and even when we do they are often mutts too. Just remember the best breed is rescued! <3

  • Each breed does have some typical breed specific characteristics; thus, it is important to do research in advance to determine which breeds suit your lifestyle.

  • Rescue dogs make wonderful additions to any family. Unfortunately, they often end up in shelters due to life changes related to their former owners. Please don’t hold that against them!

  • Rescue dogs are loyal and affectionate pets. Likewise, they need loving and patient families to help them adjust to a new life.

  • Many dogs have not experienced things such as love, toys, bones, the inside of a house, or how to climb stairs.

  • These dogs adjust with patience and love over the course of weeks or months. They do not transition in just a few days so please do not expect perfection.

  • All dogs benefit from obedience training as it teaches them simple commands like sit, stay and heel. More importantly, it helps dogs build self-confidence, teaches them social skills, and helps them bond with their new human family. Many adopters have regretted not going to formal obedience training. Remember, all “good” dogs have “good” leaders.

  • Rescue dogs will pay you back 100 times with their love and loyalty!!!

If you decide to adopt a rescue dog as your new family member, you are also accepting the responsibility of acclimating your pet to its new surroundings, family, and resident pets. Please put yourself in your new pet’s position. Thank you for considering saving the life of a rescue dog!!

If you see an animal you would like to adopt the first step in the adoption process is submitting the completed adoption application. Once we receive the completed application we will take a few days to process your application.

We will be calling your vet and personal references, so please be sure you give them a heads-up and permission to speak with one of our volunteers to help the process move along. After your references are called and the application is thoroughly looked over we will contact you to discuss the dog(s) you are interested in and any questions we have. Please use this phone call to ask questions and discuss any concerns you may have.

If all of that goes well we will either do your home check next or invite you to meet the dog depending on if the dog is in Maryland already and how far from us you live. If you live far, we will have a volunteer do your home check before you come to meet the dog so that if all goes well at the meet and greet your family will be fully approved to take your new family member home. All occupants of the home, including resident dogs, will need to attend the meet and greet. When you are set to take your new baby home we will have you fill out an adoption contract and pay the applicable adoption fee. Please bring a leash and collar (we recommend martingale style collars to prevent a dog slipping out and bolting as they may get scared adjusting to their new environment) to take your new dog home in. We look forward to helping you find your new best friend!

Dog Adoption Application